Chibuike Okpaluba

London, UK
+44 (0)7955224137

I am a smart, pro-active, confident and detail-orientated Masters Mechatronics student with sound judgement,
innate leadership abilities, and a strong passion for Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics.

Experienced in the use of various engineering packages, I offer a unique set of technical knowledge
and a cheerful working relationship, exceeding typical expectations in any role undertaken.

"I am certain to become a valuable asset within any organisation that I join"


Middlesex University

MENG Mechatronics
Key Modules
  • Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics
  • CAD/CAM Design, Test and Manufacture
  • Control Systems
  • Engineering Work Ethics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Factory Automation (PLCs)
October 2015 - July 2019

The British Council

CIE A & AS Levels
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
May 2015 - July 2015


Middlesex University

Student Learning Assistant
  • I work closely with lecturers, graduate assistants and members of the peer-assisted learning team to facilitate learning and enthusiasm, through informal educative methods and role modelling.
  • This role requires confidence, effective communication skills and the mandate to learn by active reflection.
July 2018 - Present

Middlesex University

Student Ambassador
  • I worked with the Academic Registry to ensure that new entrants to the University have completed an ID check.
  • This role required attention to detail, confidence, and effective communication skills.
Sep 2018

Middlesex University

Summer Placement - Science and Technology
  • While working as an intern at Middlesex University, I made a series tutorial videos for the ABB IRB 120
  • Please find the link to this series here.
June 2018 - September 2018

Studio Waldemeyer

Design Assistant Intern
Roles (as part of a team)
  • Conceptualized prototype designs for a light stand used for an art exhibition in Toronto, Canada
  • Helped in deciding the optimal design to meet our given specifications
  • Experienced a typical product design cycle from within the industry, adhering to real-world design and cost requirements
September 2017
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Foresight Crops

Android Devop Intern
  • I developed, tested and managed an android service app using Android Studio
  • I maintained a certain portion of the app's service backend using PHP and Python
June 2017 - Present


Events Support Staff
  • I work with co-support staff to provide an excellent customer experience.
  • As a result, I have worked in a variety of prestigious venues around England including Wembley, Chelsea and Ascot.
June 2017 - Present


Writing With the ABB

In this project, I wrote a RAPID script to draw any given string of visible ASCII characters on a moveable work surface using the ABB IRB 120.

This project was made as part of my submission for the 3rd-year robotics module at Middlesex University London.


Cozmo is a really interesting robot with very polished animations. In this project, we programmed Cozmo to autonomously find and move cubes to a given location.

This was a fun early morning project to start the day.

Cup Grasping End Effector
(Ur5 and LabVIEW)

In this project, we (a team of 2) designed and built a cup grasping end-effector for the ABB IRB 120.

The end-effector was fitted with sensors and actuators which were connected to a National Instruments MyRIO, using LabVIEW as the controlling software.

Industrial Automation
(Fluidsim and Festo)

This video was made to demonstrate industrial automation using the Siemens PLC and Festo didactic components.

This was submitted as a part of my 2nd-year's Industrial Automation module at Middlesex University London.

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Sky Hackathon 2018

First Place

IMechE Design Challenge 2017

Regional Finals (London)

Third Place 😭

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